Here is What Our Customers are Saying About Us!

"The team just left and did an awesome job! Thank God for companies like yours, that partner with this organization to provide assistance to cancer patients undergoing treatment. Having one less stressful thing to focus on during this time, makes a huge difference in our lives, and releases the burden"

~ Kesha H., Cleaning for a Reason Patient

"Your team of dynamos were here today and they are awesome!! I am amazed at how thorough they are and energetic, professional, friendly…the list goes on. They arrived on time and went straight to work and didn’t stop until the job was done….and done VERY well!!! I can’t say enough good things about those three special ladies!! Thank you for wonderful service."

~ Sally R., Angie's List Customer

"I searched Angie’s list for A rated house cleaners and the Team Clean met that criteria. I emailed the president and within minutes he responded. We arranged to meet so he could do a walk through to ensure I received exactly what I wanted. We booked a cleaning appointment within days. The ladies arrived early and got right to work. I have no negative input to provide, it was such a pleasant experience well worth every penny I spent. They are true to their word, prompt, responsive and take pride in their workmanship."

~ Donna S., Angie's List Customer

"I went home this afternoon to see if the team was still working, but they had already left. When I went in the house, I was extremely pleased with the services they provided today. I believe when someone does an excellent job they need to be aware of what a great job they did. I truly appreciate the wonderful things they did and the attention to detail for the things I had issues about last time."

~ Angela F., Team Clean Customer

"Team Clean cleaned my house yesterday, and they did a beautiful job. I'm very very pleased. Both ladies worked really hard and were very professional. I've had a lot of cleaners from a lot of places and Team Clean did a great job. I hope to see them again in two weeks. Your cleaners were absolutely fabulous."

~ Barbara M., Team Clean Customer

"Every two weeks-check list items-they miss nothing! We have a great team leader! Girls are on time-very particular about their duties-Very personable-more like friends to us than workers-we laugh-we talk-they work"

~ Sally H., Angie's List Customer

"All three women were wonderful!! It was so nice to have it done and be able to relax. They even made my bed. I'm SOOOO glad I called. Are any up for adoption?"

~ Team Clean Customer

"They are wonderful. Their attitude and quality are unsurpassed. Treat them well. You would not want them to go elsewhere."

~ Team Clean Customer

"Team Clean cleaned my house today for the first time. The girls did a wonderful job that was over and above what I was expecting. The cleaners were very confident and professional and I would recommend Team Clean to anyone looking for a cleaning company."

~ Royce H., Team Clean Customer

"I found the cleaners to be professional and competent, and they took pride in their work. They have helped me greatly and have addressed any concerns to make things perfect. I think Team Clean does a great job and I have recommended them to others."

~ Team Clean Customer

"Team Clean came and cleaned my house, and I was very amazed at how thorough Phoebe and the others were. Thanks for doing a great job!"

~ Team Clean Customer