Why Disinfect?

People are our most valuable asset and we need to protect their work and living environment against easily transmitted contageous diseases like COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Influenza, Norovirus (Stomach Flu), Meningitus, MRSA, Tuberculosis, Staph and others.

How We Help

Whether you need Emergent or Reoccurring Treatment, our trained professionals are equipped to respond with EPA-approved solutions and a variety of foggers and misting equipment to focus on killing the viruses and bacteria that cause illness.

Experience the Difference

We are veteran-owned and driven to serve others. We take your well-being seriously and will quickly respond with a thorough and effective treatment plan to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Call or Text 540-596-9070 or email info@teamcleanpro.com to start the treatment process.